IMMEDIATE relief from harmful hard water and overpriced water bills.

When you take a shower, hard water dries out your skin and hair. Shower water often has chlorine and other harmful chemicals present, which can have serious medical consequences.

Skin issues like acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis have all been linked to hard water. A 2006 study[{1}] even found that lifetime risk of cancer increased from showering in water with chlorine present, even more than drinking it!

That’s why we created NatureSpa…

NatureSpa is an easy and affordable way to restore your water to its natural, pure state. First, it filters out chlorine and other harmful minerals. Then it brings your water back to a healthy pH level. Your skin will thank you for it!

Plus, NatureSpa reduces water consumption without reducing water pressure, which saves you money on your monthly water bill. Great for your skin and your wallet!

Alkaline Filtration

Alkaline Filtration

NatureSpa removes chlorine and leaves your water at the perfect pH to let your skin and hair glow.

SmartPressure<sup>™</sup> System

SmartPressure System

Save money (and the planet!) by reducing water consumption, without sacrificing water pressure.

Multiple Spray Settings

Multiple Spray Settings

3 stimulating settings (rain, massage, and combined) each offer comfort and cleaning power.

- What People Are Saying -

"I’ve had dermatitis for years. I’ve tried skin creams, changing my diet, and even eastern medicine, but only this shower head has helped. Now my skin doesn’t feel so dry and itchy unless it’s extremely hot out, and I can finally go running again!"

Sara P. from San Jose, California

"I bought this because someone had told me that it’s supposed to save you money on your water bill. I was a little skeptical, but since getting it our water bill has dropped nearly 10%. It might be because I take long showers, but it paid for itself after a couple months, so definitely worth it."

James M. from Cleveland, Ohio

"I’ve never had a better shower than this! My only question, how did I live without it?!?!"

Tracy L. from Tampa, Florida

Invigorate your skin with NatureSpa, the world’s leading eco-friendly shower purifier!

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Treat Your Skin Right & Save Money While Doing It!